????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????What message are you sending through your hues?

Sometimes, it’s not so much the style of clothing or lingerie you wear as the color that sends the strongest signal.


The color of fire, passion, anger, and sensuality, red heightens a sense of aggression – but also sex appeal. Maybe this is why it’s found everywhere from politicians’ ties to smokin’ hot lipsticks. Red can be used anywhere from a job interview to a first date.


Blue is world’s favorite color for both men and women; its calming properties could be the reason. Maybe that’s why Levi Strauss chose to make his jeans blue when he first invented them! Blue can also symbolize loyalty, hence the expression “true blue.”


Yellow is an eye-catching color, and for good reason. In nature, many animals with yellow coats and skins are poisonous. The yellow warns predators, “Stay away!” That’s why yellow is also used on so many warning and hazard signs around the world. But it’s also a cheerful color, perfect for making the most of the summer months, or just getting yourself out of a winter funk.