Uninterested man

We all know that a woman should dress for herself, and not to please anyone else. But let’s face it, ladies: A good deal of effort goes into using our beauty to attract male attention. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Just make sure you don’t make the following mistakes, or you may find handsome heartthrobs running away!

Too much perfume

You love fragrance that enhances your natural scent, but still lets you smell like you. Don’t spray on so much that a guy needs an oxygen mask to enjoy your company.

Too much makeup

Obviously you want to look your best. But you don’t want to look like you applied makeup with a paintbrush and a putty knife. Keep it simple: Use just enough to enhance your beauty without looking desperate.

Too much hairspray

Many of us need a little help keeping those unruly strands in place. But no man wants to stroke or run his fingers through a crunchy updo.

Too many . . . eyelashes

We all love big, come-hither lashes, but when applied badly they say less “amore” and more “arachnophobia.” Avoid clumps, flakes, and falsies that make it seem like there are spiders nesting in your face.