Fashion For A Cause


Cofounders Vicki and Beverly want Perteh to be a Fashion for a Cause, so they support a Sierra Leone foundation dedicated to serving the educational and medical needs of its people. For every product Perteh sells, a percentage is donated directly to a nonprofit organization in Sierra Leone.

In addition to the foundation, Vicki and Beverly are supporters of education initiatives in the impoverished communities of Sierra Leone. They donate to four schools that were started with a goal to offer education to kids that have not been enrolled in school before. In these schools the students are given resources, opportunities to catch up with their (educated) peers, scholarships, and use a curriculum adopted from the United for a cause

As Perteh grows, so will Vicki and Beverly’s charitable efforts. The children of Sierra Leone, as well as quality education for all children, hold a very dear place in their hearts.

Why? One reason is that Vicki adopted a little boy from Sierra Leone — a process that took nearly three years. She received custody of her son when he was three months old, but he was almost three years old before he would travel to the United States.

When you purchase a product from Perteh you can feel good that you are not only supporting your sense of style, but deserving charitable causes as well.

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