We’re now known as Bra Strap Designers. As we make the transition to the new name, know that we’re still Pertéh at heart. ♥


At BSD, You can be the designer!

We now have the ability to print straps with your custom design.


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Perteh bra straps are the best! I love that I can dress up a tank top and jeans even when I’m just out running errands.

Ashley M.

I found Perteh straps when I was wearing the dreaded “Nursing Bras”. The straps made me feel better about how I looked. I was so happy that I could use them with any of my bras!

Kelly W.

I like to stand out in a group. When I wear my Perteh straps, someone always wants to know where I bought them. I have worn them to a wedding but also a weekend football game. Perteh has straps for every occasion. I plan to buy more. I hope they come out with even more styles.

Heidi P.

I wish that I would have had this product years ago. I have always felt like I have the worst shoulders. My bra straps seem to always fall down! The Perteh straps are cute, but they also help keep my bra straps up. I love these straps.

Gina D.

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